Friday, May 18, 2012

Blown Covers Submission: Graduation

This week's Blown Covers theme was "Graduation". I titled this piece "Indebted-nest Egg" ... sort of a reverse nest-egg, if you will, since most graduates these days are sitting on a pile of debt by the time they get their diplomas. This one got mentioned in the Runners-Up category. Always nice to be noticed, even though I didn't quite agree with Fran├žoise's comments this time. I had a fun time trying out a different style and process with this one.

Blown Covers Submissions: Mother's Day

"Designer Baby"

"Prolific Strain"

"The Demotion"

A few submissions to the Blown Covers weekly contest from last month. The week's theme was "Mother's Day". These didn't seem to get much of a reaction, but I had fun with them - as always!